Friday, 16 August 2013

Megan's Story

Creative Writing -  “The Day I Turned into ..........:

During writing time we imagined what it might be like to turn into someone or something else.  Next, we created pictures using Kidpix, google images, and our interactive whiteboard to combine the images.  Lastly we wrote stories to accompany our pictures.  We hope you enjoy listening to our stories.


  1. Hi Megan & Room 6,
    Fabulous pictures & stories class. I'm super-impressed with all the online skills you are learning. I'm helping develop a website right now and could use some of you as helpers I think!
    Are you enjoying yourselves making videos and voice-recordings?
    From Maria

    1. I like talking into the computer. from Eli
      It is good when you have a buddy to help you. from Ellie

  2. Well done room 6. What a creative way to present your stories. I really enjoyed listening to them. What did you enjoy most about making the pictures and writing these stories? I look forward to listening to more stories.

    1. I had fun choosing the character. from Megan
      I liked putting the head on my monkey and seeing what it looked like. from Eli
      I liked writing the story and chasing clifford around. from Cody
      I like how pretty I was when I turned into a mermaid. from Niamh (Niamh story will be posted shortly)
      I liked flying around in my story when I was a butterfly. from Ellie (Ellie will post her story shortly)


  3. Anonymous 18th August, 2013

    Hi Megan, Congratulations on your well presented pictures and stories and so clear to listen to. from your Timaru Grandparents.

  4. Great story Megan. I am glad you didn't have to stay a frog because you look wonderful as a princess!
    Paula (Reuben's Mum)