Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rata and the Canoe

On Wednesday we listened to the story of Rata and the Canoe. As we listened to the story we drew four pencil sketches that would help us to retell the story to other people. It was really tricky remembering the story with only pictures as a prompt, but everyone did very well. During guided reading time one of our activities is to record ourselves retelling the story. You will be able to listen to our stories shortly.   
Megan recorded her story during reading time today and you can listen to it below.  


  1. Well done Megan, you did a great job of remember the story and I love your expression towards the end! What a super effort recording it all by yourself.
    Mrs Kitto

  2. We enjoyed listening to you tell the story, well spoken, and you are learning and doing so much more than we ever done at school almost 70 years ago. You will be able to teach Nana and Grandad a lot about computers.
    Timaru Grandparents

  3. Chrissy and I have just listened to your retelling of the story Rata and the Canoe.
    We thought that you brought the story to life with your expressive voice and interesting language.
    Fantastic !
    Mr White