Wednesday, 4 September 2013

School in 1863

In 1863 school was different to today.  We have written about some of the things we learnt on our 'Old School Day'.
In 1863 school was different.  When the bell rang we had to line up and we had to walk around the netball court back to our teacher.
By Heidi
We played hopscotch.  At night the potty was cold.  A potty is the toilet.   By Megan
School in 1863 was different.  They had the cane.  The used it for waking people on the bottom.  The toilet was different.  By Eli
Yesterday we made our classroom like it was 1863.  I wore bare feet.  Miss Williams was really strict because she had a cane. In the 1863 the rode on horse back to school.   By Cody
We played hopscotch and pass the glove.  In 1863 the teacher came to school with a cane.  By Liam
In 1863 school was different because they had a cane.  When the bell rang the boys and girls had to line up to check their nails.
By Emer
In 1863 school was different.  If you called out you would get the cane.  When the bell rang you had to walk around the netball court. By Reuben
The tables were lined up.  We needed to line up in lines.  There was a girls line and a boys line.    By Niamh
In 1863 school was different.  When the kids were naughty they got the cane.  By Hailey
In the 1860's everything was different.  You would get the cane if you were naughty.  By Taine
In 1863 school was awesome.  Miss Williams brought a cane and she was tricking us.   By Jayden

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  1. What fun to experience a little of what school may have been like in 1863 and able to dress up in the old costumes, you all look great, hope you enjoy the School celebrations in October. Look forward to more photos then.
    Nana and Grandad, Timaru