Thursday, 5 September 2013

Spring has arrived in room 6

What do you think of our latest art work?  
We decided to mark the beginning of spring by brighten up our classroom with some wonderful spring flowers.


  1. Hi Room 6,
    I love your spring artwork. What do you like most about spring? Are any of you going to the blossom festival.
    I had an awesome time in your class this afternoon.
    I think your blog is awesome!
    Mrs K

  2. I love your flowers, I hope you feel happy each time you look at them
    TAS mum Kylie

  3. Wow! We really like your flowers. You have used pretty cool colours. We would love some in our classroom. Can you tell us how you made them please?

  4. Thanks. They certainly brighten up our room.
    To make them, we folded a pieces of A4 paper like a fan and then cut along the folds to create strips. Then you take each piece of paper and glue the ends together, making a tear drop shape with each piece of paper. Once you have made several tear drops you join them together. We used a hot glue gun to glue the round circles onto each side of the flower. The circles hide any messy joins. Lastly, we added he stems which are folded pieces of paper that have been hot glued onto the petals. Good luck making them. We look forward to seeing photos of them soon.

  5. Hi Room 6 we agree with Otautau your flowers look amazing! They must make your class very bright and colourful. We all love spring because it's when all the baby animals are born. Mrs Shaw has 6 baby lambs at her house she has to feed. From Room 5.

  6. I love the flowers - I wish we lived closer so I could have one in my kitchen bench at home. They are so colourful

    Reuben's Grandma (Helen)