Friday, 25 October 2013

Trip Back In Time - 1863

This weekend is Clyde School's 150 year Jubilee.  Today the whole school dressed up in clothes that would have been worn in 1863. The senior school had a school day led by Miss Williams, who ran our "olden days" school day last month.  
Our school photos were taken today in our olden day clothes, which was a special way to mark the 150 year jubilee celebrations.
Tomorrow there is a special assembly, starting at 2pm, for everyone who has attended our school. The weekend is going to be full of fun and and a lot of reminiscing for those who have attended Clyde School over the years.

What do you think to Mr White's olden day costume?  We loved his "bat-winged" cape.  Perhaps he could wear it for halloween next week!

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  1. Nice photos. Best wishes for a fun-filled 150th anniversary weekend Clyde School community!