Thursday, 7 November 2013

Fireworks Writing

Fireworks twinkle in the sky. Fireworks sound like a balloon popping and like a cannon shooting up into the sky.  By Heidi
The fireworks sound like they are crackling in the sky. The fireworks looks like they are falling down from the sky.  By Ellie 
Fireworks are like booming lightbulbs.  Fireworks glitter onto the ground. Fireworks have beautiful colours. Fireworks pop like balloons.   By Cody
Fireworks leap into the air and it explodes like big heavy bombs. They are beautiful colours and the sky looks awesome. They shoot like big bombs in the air. They blast in the sky.   By Reuben 

The fireworks beam into the sky they are glittering. They look like sparklers.   By Hailey

Fireworks sound like bombs shooting into the sky in the nighttime. All the people are cheering for the fireworks.   By Portia

Fireworks are raining showers of gold. They sound like drums. Fireworks are colourful.   By Megan

Fireworks look like shower of gold. They look like sparklers. They sound like balloons popping.   By Niamh

Fireworks sound like thunder. Fireworks looks like exploding lightbulbs.   By Taine

Fireworks wiggle into the night and they sparkle in the night sky. They go around in circles. They sound like “Boom!” and they go turning in the night too. “Boom!”     By Dual

Fireworks booming in the air. Fireworks like drums banging. Fireworks like rain showers. Fireworks lighting up the sky.   By Liam

Fireworks sparks in the sky and come down like raining gold. Fireworks like drums going boom. The sky is lighting up.   By Taraleigh

Fireworks rain showers of gold and it looks like the sparks are going to land on you. Also they boom up into the sky.   By Coco

Fireworks go bang when they’re in the sky and it rains a shower of gold. Rainbows everywhere. It looks like the sun is up.  By Zoe

Fireworks is gun powder. Fireworks looks like guns shooting out a bunch of bullets into the air. Some fireworks look like the eclipse. Some look like bonfires. They shoot into the air.   By Eli

The fireworks look like sparkling in the air. They are colourful and they make showers of  gold. They shine in the air.   By Tahlia

Fireworks blast up in the air. They go pop, pop, popping and they are pretty and colourful. They are beautiful.   By Emer

Fireworks are like booms coming out of space.   By Clifford

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