Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Happy Cakes

The 'Bees' reading group have made fantastic progress and they are now reading at level 21.  Well done guys!  Yesterday's guided reading book was called 'You Can Make A Happy Cake', so today we decided to made "Happy Cakes".  The class was divided into four groups and each of the children in the 'Bees' reading group became a leader of one of the groups.  It was their job to read the instructions, make sure that the correct amount of ingredients were included in the cakes, and that everyone had a turn at measuring and stirring. When we went to decorate them we realised that we didn't have a sieve, so we improvised and used the small holes a cheese grater. They did a fantastic job and the cakes were delicious!

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  1. Hi room 6, you look like you have had fun baking happy cakes. We really enjoy looking at your blog to see what you have been doing and all the great work you have been doing with your writing this term. I hope all my reading friends are still doing well with their reading. I have put a video clip on our blog of Charlie climbing the door-frame. When we visit Clyde in January I will have to take Charlie to school to climb the trees there. Have a great last few weeks of school. From Nikki - Charlie and Liv's Mum