Monday, 17 February 2014

Cricket with Adam

We are lucky enough to have Adam, from Sports Central, coming to teach us cricket skills. We have been working on the catching skills that he taught us last week and we are all improving.  This week Adam taught us about batting.  We need to remember to keep our eye on the ball, have our hands close together, and point our foot to where we want the ball to go.


  1. Dear Room 6
    We are wondering if that big room is a gym or a hall? We have a gym AND a hall at our school, but at the moment the hall and office is getting renovated and we can't go in there!

    We think you are learning good ball skills, and good moving skills.
    Do you play anything else?

    your blogging buddies
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

  2. Hi B4
    It is a hall. It is only three years old. Yes we play lots of other sports. Some of us play soccer, tennis and rippa rugby, and netball. What sports do you play?
    From Room 6 Clyde School

    1. Dear Rm 6
      Some students in our class play JAB rugby. Liv is going to join netball teams this year. Ethan and Flynn went to junior golf when it was on. Korbyn does motor cross. Charlee thinks she might start soccer, and Bobby and Flynn play too.
      Jamie, Aubrey and Reagan play basketball.
      Lots of us like swimming!

      from your blogging buddies