Thursday, 27 February 2014

EOTC Week - Day 4 - Biking to the Koura Farm

What a brilliant day we had biking to the Koura Farm. The weather was perfect and hardly a breath of wind.  It was a 12km return bike ride and for most children it was the longest bike ride they had done. Everyone showed great determination and it was fantastic hearing all the positive encouragement that the children gave each other.  
We learnt a lot at the Koura farm and you will hear more about this over the next few weeks.  
Keep an eye on our blog for written and audio accounts of our EOTC week adventures.
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  1. Hello Room 6, we have followed you all this week on your blog and what a wonderful week you have had with your class mates and teachers and helpers. Wonderful photos, well done. You will have learnt and discovered so many new things this week. Congratulations to all the cyclists yesterday too. Timaru Grandparents

  2. Wow, you look like you had a great time Room 6! We saw yabbies at Butcher's Dam too! I can't believe so many of you biked 12 km! That would make me puffed! I'm glad you had such a great time! Eli in Room 7 said he had an amazing time. He told me all about the Koura baby eggs.

  3. Wow Room 6, it looks like you had a fantastic time at the Koura farm. I was very impressed at how well you all did on your bike ride. I hope the Koura didn't nip you!
    Mrs Banks

  4. Well done Room 6 Fliers on a great EOTC week - you have done soooo much this week and learnt heaps - Andrew has come home with lots of new knowledge every day!! Heather