Friday, 14 March 2014

More super writing

Koura Farm visit
Click on the picture to read our stories.


  1. Hi guys I loved reading about your trip to the Koura Farm!
    It's amazing about how many eggs the girls have and how long they hang on to them hey? They are facinating wee creatures!

  2. Dear Room 6
    When we read your writing, we learned what koura were! We figured out that they are crayfish. We learned that we would need to hold crayfish on their back or they will nip us.

    There is a place called Kaikoura - 'kai' means food and 'koura' means crayfish!
    Some of us have eaten crayfish and we think it's yummy.

    Do those koura live in salty water or fresh water?

    warm wishes
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

  3. Hi B4
    The Koura that we saw were in fresh water. Some were in tanks and some were in the ponds around the farm.
    from Room 6