Friday 11 April 2014

Saul's Reading

Well done Saul.  You have been working hard on reading fluently. Keep it up.  
To listen to Saul's reading click on the sound button below.


  1. Hi Saul, well done, you read very clearly and nice and loud, keep up the good work. Hope you and your friends enjoy the disco tonight.
    Nana and Granddad, Timaru

  2. lovely to hear you read so well. We enjoyed the story
    Nana Claire and Pete

  3. Great reading Saul :)

  4. Super snail reading Saul! I was impressed with your clear voice you must be practicing a lot to get so good at your reading, keep it up! Mrs Gibson

  5. Lovely to hear you reading so well Saul. I know this reader as we use it in my class in Australia. This school site is excellent ! I am most impressed.
    Nanna Claire's sister Mary.