Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Today we did a science experiment.  We had to make a prediction (have a guess) about how many drops of water we might be able to put onto a coin. Next we took a 10 cent coin, a dropper and some water and carefully dropped water onto our coin.  We tried this several times to see who could get the most drops onto their coin. We noticed some really interesting things. Listen to our 'Voicethread' to hear our predictions, what we did, and lastly some of our observations.


  1. Dear Room 6
    We are doing science this term - ours is all about milk!

    After we watched the first slide, we predicted how many drops of water might fit on the coin. Most of us said 2 - 4, but Ryan predicted 20! And he was right!

    We were amazed that someone got 23 drops on their coin.

    Samuel thinks that there is something in the water that grips, to hold so many drops on.

    We were also amazed that it looked like a big glass bubble.

    Who got the most drops on their coin, and how many drops was it?

    bye for now
    Mrs McKenzie and B4

  2. Dear R♥♥m 4
    Who got the biggest amount of water?
    How many people are in your class

    bye for now Caleb from B4

  3. Hello guys

    What a fun experiment! We enjoyed listening to you and wondered how many drops you will be able to put on the coin.

    That was so cool to learn about not touching the water too!

    Bye for now

    Room 4 - Broadlands School

    1. Amelie and Coco got the most. They got more than 30 but they lost count!