Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Teddy Sleepover

Some of our teddies stayed at school last night and when we arrived at school this morning they were not where we left them.
During writing time we wrote about what we saw when we arrived at school.  
Mrs Kitto was very impressed with effort that our new Year 1 class members put into their writing.  Well done!  


  1. Well done to Our Year 1 Friends.
    We think you are writing up a storm in Room 6!
    I wonder what else those bears got up to last night when the school was empty?

    Your Room 5 Friends and Miss Tyrrell

  2. The Teddies had a massage circle.
    It's their last night tonight - Zavier thinks they are going to mess up the classroom. Andrew thinks they might have a parry. Who knows what they'll get up to!

  3. It sounds like the teddies are having lots of fun!
    What book was your teddy reading Kaiyo?
    From Kerri (Kaiyo's Mum)