Thursday 7 August 2014

Super Writing

Ameile found a bird's nest when we were training for the cross country. Today we looked at some video clips of birds making their nests. We think they are very clever.
Writing below by Zavier, Tahlia Curtin, Ameile and Olivia.


  1. Dear buddies
    I really enjoyed reading your stories about the bird's nest.
    I saw some great use of strong words too, such as 'crackly twigs', 'huge, muddy nest', and 'the female squishes the nest down'.
    I wonder if the nest blew down in the wind? What do you think?

    from Mrs McKenzie in B4

  2. What fabulous writing. We have found a couple of nests on our school grounds in the last 6 months. We were amazed at what they were made of, but a bit sad to see they had used lots of rubbish as well as grass and twigs. One of them had a shoelace threaded right through it. Aren't birds incredibly clever?
    From E7, Eastern Hutt School