Thursday 23 October 2014

Athletic Sports

Today we had our school athletic sports. I was very impressed with the effort and determination that everyone displayed. There were lots of smiles when 'personal bests' were achieved. Well done everyone!

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  1. Hi Room 6, you are being very sporty too. I hope you all had a great day at athletics.
    Thanks for leaving a message on room 3 and room 4's blogs at Fairhall School. I'll tell Mr Wood and Mrs Perrott to look on Monday and hopefully they can learn how to leave a reply.
    Would Liv and I be able to call into see you all on the afternoon of Thursday 13th of November, maybe at the end of the school day. Or perhaps the morning of Monday 17th November?
    Sorry Charlie is staying at home with his Dad (it is very expensive to fly from Blenheim to Queenstown). But we will all be down at Christmas time, so hopefully some of you can see Charlie then.
    Have a fun week and Liv and I will see you all soon.