Thursday, 25 June 2015

An Icy Morning

This morning Kyle discovered that his pond was frozen over with thick ice. He brought 3 pieces to school to show us. We were surprised at how thick the ice was. We wondered how fast the ice would melt if we put it in different places. We put one piece in the shade near the playground, another piece outside our classroom in the sun, and the third piece we left in our classroom.
At the end of the day we checked to see what had happened to the ice.  The piece that was inside had completely melted. The one that was in the sun had melted a little bit, and the one that was in the shade had hardly melted at all.   
It only got to 5 degrees today, so we are not surprised that the ice that was left outside did not melt very much.
Something to try at home:
Perhaps you might like to put a plastic container of water outside and see what happens?  You might like to try this with several containers and experiment with different amounts of water. After a very cold night see what happens?

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