Wednesday 2 December 2015

Christmas Art

We have been really busy creating some wonderful Christmas Artwork. Here is a selection of some of the things we have been creating. We'd love you to come in and see the rest of our work.


  1. Dear Clyde School,
    I like your art work. It is pretty cool. I like your christmas trees and reindeer. The patterns in the reindeer are pretty awesome. I also like how you over lapped some things and made them touch.

    What kind of materials did you use? How did you make the art work?
    from Mary

  2. Dear Room 6
    All of your art works look like they have been done by artist. I wish we would do Christmas art work for our art.
    from Charlee

  3. Dear Room 6
    I like all of art works.
    from Blake.


  4. Dear Room 6

    Your Christmas art is really amazing.The reindeer look like an adult has done it. It looks like you guys have spent a long time doing them to make them like this.

    How long did it take you to do them?

    Which one did take the longest?

    by Emmalia