Tuesday 2 February 2016

New Classroom Names

This year we have decided to move away from the tradition room numbers and rename our learning areas to reflect the collaboration that is happening across rooms.  The learning areas will be given Maori names and each class has chosen a native New Zealand bird.

The junior rooms will now be called the KEA. We are curious, busy learners. Brave and bold.

Room 7 will be named after the New Zealand Falcon - KAREAREA.

Rooms 1 is TUI tahi (Tui one), and Room 2 is TUI rua (Tui two). These classes will often work together and also share a special 'break-out' space the links the two classes together. 
Tui's can often be found in our native garden behind the library. 

Our seniors students who occupy both rooms 3 and 4 will be called RURU (the Morepork - New Zealand's owl). Owls are known for their wisdom, so a very fitting name for the leaders of our school. 

Click on the picture below to find out 
more about each of these native birds.
Click on the picture below to find out what 
each of these native birds sound like


  1. Love the Kea with the childrens names making the shape! Much easier way to remember the classes too, and learn about our native bird life :)

  2. Love this - very cool.