Wednesday 22 June 2016

Science with Mrs Lloyd

Today Mrs Lloyd came into our class to share a science experiment with us. We learnt about the three stages of matter - solid, liquid and gas.
Water can take the form of a solid, liquid or gas? 

The Experiment
Mrs Llyod  filled a glass with dried peas and carefully poured water into the glass. Next we made predictions about what we thought might happen. 

Lucas thought that the peas might overflow.

Jimmy said that the peas would grow back to the same size they had been before they were dried.

Lexie thought that the peas would drink the water and they would go round again.

Zaar said that they would unfreeze and turn back into little, tiny peas.

We had to be patient scientists and watch carefully to see what would happen. 

Some of our predictions were correct.  
The water moved from the space inside the glass and into the peas. 
This process is called 'osmosis'.

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