Wednesday, 21 September 2016

What we like about our school


  1. Hi everyone,

    I LOVED your video...your school sounds fabulous! You all sounded so enthusiastic and gave great reasons about why you like school.

    We are on school holidays at the moment. I am looking forward to showing your video to my class when we get back to school.

    From Miss P

  2. Hello Clyde School

    We loved watching your video in class today says Isla. Amelia would like to tell you we also have iPads at our school, maybe one day we should Skype each other?

    We love that you are allowed to eat your lunch outside. We wish it was warm enough to do this in England. Today we have played outside in the rain.

    Hettie is dreaming that one day our whole class will be able to come and visit your school.

    Mason says thank you for the lovely video.

    Evie says we also have scooters at outer school. And Ethan says do you have bikes at your school?

    We look forward to seeing more on your blog.

    Love from F2KB