Friday, 24 March 2017

Wilber Comes to Visit

Marcus - Year 2

Devon - Year 1

Zaar - Year 1

Elina - Year 2

Anika - Year 1

Blake - Year 2

Michell - Yr 2

Pixi - NE

Lily - Year 2


  1. Dear Rm 6
    We think Wilber is cute, too! It looks like you had fun with Wilber.
    We love Wilber because he was playing with the toilet paper.
    Did he roll it around with his snout?

    Thank you for showing us the pictures, and your writing.

    from B4

  2. All the stories about Wilber look amazing!! It sounds like you must have had such a fun day with him :-)

  3. Hi Clyde School

    I like your piglet.

    From Ethan
    Mahora School