Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Descriptive Writing

The eagle looks like an aeroplane as he swoops down to the water. His claws open as he catches a salmon. He makes big splashes.  by Megan

The eagle put out its wings getting ready to get his breakfast. The claws opened up and grabbed a fish, and the claws stabbed into the fish. The water splashed up.  By Portia

The eagle glides to the water. The eagle grabs a couple of fish. The water splashes when he gets the fish.  By Liam

The eagle glides through the sky. It grabs a salmon. The water splashes upwards.  By Taine

The eagle swooped down to have something for lunch. The eagle swooped down to the sea. He grabs the fish and the water goes up in the air.  By Emer

The eagle flaps its wings, it glides through the air to the sea. He swoops down to the fish and the water splashes. He grabs the fish and goes back to his nest.  By Eli

The eagle opens his feet and he grabs the fish.   By Jayden


  1. Hi Room 6, what a scary, but exciting video to watch. You have written some really cool descriptions to go with it. How many times did you get to watch the video before you had to write your story about the eagle? Have any of you ever seen a real eagle before? From Room 5 Winton.

  2. We watched the video about three times before we started and a few time during our writing.
    Yes, Cody has seen a real eagle.
    From Room 6

  3. Loved reading these efforts from you guys!