Friday, 8 November 2013

Fireworks Poem


  1. What a great poem! We love your picture too - how did you do it? We have been writing about fireworks too. From your friends in Room 3 TAS

  2. Hi Room 6, we love that art work it looks amazing, your fireworks look real! What a great job of reading your poem together. Did any of your class get to watch fireworks, lots of our class did? From Room 5 Winton.

    1. Thanks! First we made a rainbow picture using pastels. We needed to make sure there was no white showing on our page. Next, we painted over the colours with black paint until you couldn't see any colours. When the paint was dry we scraped the paint away with popsicle sticks. This made the fireworks patterns.

  3. Great poem Room 6 and fabulous pictures too!