Monday, 25 November 2013

Junior School Disco

Thank you to the year 8 students who organised the "Animal" themed disco.  We all had a fantastic time.


  1. Hi room 6
    madison and me saw our self in the photo's

  2. Hi room 6 you guys look great. Is Cody a Lion King? Is Eli a dinosaur or a crocodile?
    What are you doing for the show this year? My school is having a Christmas Fairhall Festival in 2 weeks, my friend Lachlan told me there will be bouncy castles and Santa.
    From Charlie

    1. HI Charlie, it is great to hear from you. Cody was a dinosaur and the picture of him with the crown was taken after he was crowned 'King of the disco'. Eli was a crocodile.
      This year our pantomime is called school days. We are singing 'What I am' and we are dancing to 'Crazy Frog'. You can listen to our songs on the blog. Look under the tab that says Production songs.
      From Room 6

  3. Hi room 6 I like the one where the frog is singing and dancing, from Liv