Thursday, 21 November 2013

Polar Bear - Descriptive Writing

The enormous polar bear walks along the ice. The polar bear falls in the freezing water. He struggles to get out. He finally gets out.             By Liam

The wet polar bear slides on the winter ice. Then whoops-a-daisy the polar bear falls into the water and then he tries to survive and he made it out.      By Heidi

The massive, heavy polar bear walks along the ice. It slips along the ice and the polar bears front legs fall into the cold icy water.     by Niamh

The polar bear is on the thin ice and he falls in the cold water because the ice cracks.  He struggles to get out at first but he manages to do it.    By Megan

The heavy polar bear walks across the fragile ice. The bear gets an icy surprise. His front legs fall in, his back legs fall in and his body falls in. He struggles to get out of the freezing, icy water and he gets to land.       By Eli

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