Friday, 30 May 2014

Giingerbread Man Song

Today we made Gingerbread men, because we have been reading the Gingerbread man story.  Listen to our Gingerbread man song sung by Niko, Zavier, Tahlia S, Niamh and Sienna.

Gingerbread Is Fun to Make

Gingerbread is fun to make
It's sweet and brown and yummy.
When you put it in your mouth, 
It ends up in your tummy.

Gingerbread is fun to make,
Gingerbread is yummy.
Never let it run away.
Just put it in your tummy.

Gingerbread is fun to make,
You stir and mix and beat it.
But if you let it run away.
You'll never get to eat it!


  1. Hi Room 6
    did you have fun making gingerbread men?
    From Hannah.

  2. Hi Room 6
    I love your gingerbread man poem
    It is so cool!
    From Hannah

  3. That was an awesome song Room 6 singers! from Kylie (Niamh's Mum)