Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This week we have be learning how to weave.  Today we read a story called 'Elmer the Patchwork Elephant' and then we created our own patchwork elephants by weaving.


  1. Hi Room 6,

    Your elephants look fantastic!
    I am so impressed, I hear you all stayed super focused and got the job done.
    I wonder if someone from your class could read Room 5 the Elmer the patchwork elephant book?

    Miss T

    1. Room 5 - Miss T can play you a video of the story. It is on our blog under 'Storytime'.

  2. Dear Room 6
    We like your patchwork elephants. Weaving is quite tricky to do, and sometimes we get mixed up going under and over.
    How did you stop your weaving from falling to bits when you cut the elephant shape?

    from B4

    1. HI B4
      We didn't cut out the elephant because they would fall apart. Mrs Kitto cut the same elephant picture out of black paper and the black sourround was placed over our weaving.

  3. Hello buddies
    Wow, that looks cool! We would like to learn that too!
    Bye for now
    Room 4 - Broadlands School