Saturday, 8 November 2014

Enjoying Nature

Great to see you taking up the Conservation week challenge Niamh. I can't wait to see how tall your sunflowers grow. Good luck with growing your kowhai seeds.


  1. Great gardening Niamh, do you think you could show Liv and I your seedlings when we are down this week.? Do you think the sunflower plants will grow up to be taller than you?
    If it's ok room 6, Liv and I will call in to say hi at the end of the day on Thursday.
    See you all soon
    Nikki and Liv

    1. HI Nicki and Liv
      We would love to see you on Thursday. If Liv wants to come in for the afternoon then that would be great. :-)

  2. On Tuesday afternoon I planted my Sunflowers. 3 died from the big frost, they were just the little ones. I planted 6 near the house and 1 near the sandpit. They will grow taller than me....except the 3 that died! from Niamh