Sunday, 3 May 2015

Can you tie your shoelaces?

This week's homework is to learn how to tie your own shoelaces.
Click on the picture below to see a 'step by step' video that will help you learn.

Special Challenge:  If you know how to do your shoelaces, then we have a special challenge for you.  How fast can you put your shoes on and tie them up?  We will have a race on Friday.


  1. What a super challenge, I will wear my shoes with laces on Friday!

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  3. A great challenge and I hope everybody is having fun tying their shoe laces by themselves!!! Briar felt a real sense of achievement once she did it!!! Well Done. Louise.

  4. Tying our shoelaces is something we're working on in our class too. Perhaps we could borrow your links and share them with our whanau too, please? From B5 at Eastern Hutt School