Friday, 26 February 2016

Scientists at work

We have been young scientists in the Kea room. 
We have been blowing and observing bubbles. 

  • Marcus noticed that the bubbles popped very fast.
  • Meg found that her wand had too much mixture the first time she tried to blow a bubble, but when she put less mixture on it worked perfectly.
  • Harry found out that if you don’t have enough mixture on your wand it will pop before you can blow it.
  • Siena adapted the equipment. She made her wand shorter so that it was easier to blow bubbles.
  • Jimmy discovered that if you poke a soapy finger through a bubble, it doesn’t pop. 
  • Aden wondered how he could make big bubbles.  Lucas thought you would need a wand with a bigger circle .
  • Luca wondered if you could blow a bubble without holding a wand.
  • Lots of us wondered what would happen if we changed the shape of the wand.   Meg and Lexie tested triangle shaped wands, Jimmy made a star shaped wand, and Harry made a rectangle.
  • Marcus decided to make a diamond shaped wand. He thought the bubbles might come out as fat or thin diamonds.
  • Oliver made a wand that was a circle with a hole in it. He hoped that he would be able to blow a bubble with a hole in the middle.
  • Lochy made a tricky wheel shaped wand.

We discovered that it didn’t matter what shape your wand was, the bubble always ends up round.

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  1. Love the different theories and the testing of them!Rebecca.