Thursday, 14 November 2013

Descriptive Writing

The bear is waiting for the salmon. The salmon blasts out of the water like a rocket. The salmon is like an arrow.   By Taine (Yr 2)

Three hungry bears are waiting for some fish. The slippery salmon is jumping into the air. The last one survived.    By Niamh (Yr 1)

The grizzly bears are waiting for the salmon at the waterfall. Some make it but some don't. Some dive and some glide. The bears catch some but not all of them.   by Ellie (Yr 1)

The bears were waiting for the fish at the waterfall. They are at the top. The salmon look like a rolling pin getting launched into the sky. Most of the salmon make it but some don't. The ones that make it lay their eggs.   By Eli  (Yr 2)

Below is Coco's draft writing. (Yr 1)

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