Friday, 30 May 2014

We Love Baking!!!!!!

Today Room 6 was turned into a bakery. We made some yummy Gingerbread men to share with our Room 5 and Room 7 friends.
They were delicious!
While the Gingerbread men were cooking we did some practical measuring tasks.  We used Gingerbread men pictures to measure the height, length and width of objects around our classroom.  We had to make an estimate (a guess) before we measured. 

Just for fun - have a look at what these Gingerbread men are up to....


  1. Awesome Room 6,

    What a bunch of engaged learners! What super busy and focused bakers you all were today!
    Great post Mrs Kitto and super tasty Gingerbread men Room 6 learners.
    Ding, The Room 5 children and I thought they tasted fantastic.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Miss Tyrrell

  2. Yes - agree with Miss Tyrrell, the ginger bread men were very tasty. But can Room 6's Ginger bread men do the Haka as well?? From Kylie (Niamh's Mum)

  3. Hi Room 6.
    can ginger bread men really do the haka .
    From Coco