Saturday, 27 September 2014

Blossom Festival

Today was Blossom Festival in Alexandra. This year saw the introduction of the 'Florrey', which were blossom festival floats built on a New World shopping trolley.
Our school created four 'Florreys which commemorated 100 years since World War One. The junior school created a florrey which was inspired by our local war memorial. Rooms 5 and 6 weaved the trolley with black paper and Room 7 decorated it with poppies and crosses. 


  1. Hello, to you all our blogging buddies at Clyde School from 2F in Leeds UK. We have enjoyed looking at your posts about the blossom festival and spring. Rosemary would like to say, 'it's very sad when people die in the war, we have a War Memorial in Farsley too and soon we will be going to visit it too.' Phoebe said, 'I like your trollies, we thought it was a good idea.' Ben said, 'I liked the trollies too.' Ryan said, 'I hope you all had a good time at the Blossom Festival, we thought it looked really interesting and it made us think about how people all around the world died in the war.' Ollie said,' I liked the tank in the Blossom Festival, it looked like a real tank.' Leah said, ' in Leeds it is Autumn now and the leaves are turning golden brown now and soon many trees will lose their leaves.' Amelia added,' except for the evergreen trees that don't lose their leaves in winter.
    Thank you for sharing all your exciting news with us, bye for now from 2F and Mrs Fisher :-)

  2. Dear room 6.
    Blossoms are cool.
    Just last week the blossoms came out in spring.
    But... now the blossoms are dead.
    They will come out soon again
    in spring.

    From Caleb

  3. I think it is very nice that you had a blossom festival from Hafsah.

  4. Dear Room 6
    About a week ago the blossoms came out, but unfortunately blossoms died. Now we have to wait until spring time next time. Today my sister Rebecca saw a fruit on a tree.
    bye for now
    Samuel from B4