Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bubble Writing

During writing time we watched a short film by Gabby Zapata, called 'Bubbles'. 
We decided to retell the story in our own words.  We had to think carefully about sequencing the events correctly.  
You might like to watch the video clip before reading our e-book of bubble stories.   

Click on the e-book below to view our stories
Bubbles Writing


  1. Hi Room 6, we watched your movie and then read your book. We thought that your writing was awesome and really matched the movie. You have really amazing pictures in your book. We have an Olivia in our class. We loved finding the describing words you used! How did you come up with the names for the little girl? What did you use to colour in your pictures? From Room 5 at Winton.

    1. Hi Room 5. We talked about names with our buddies and what names we thought suited the girl. We could decide which name we would give our girl. We used felts and jovi crayons.
      From room 6

  2. Reuben We loved your story about Olivia and the bubbles
    Grandma and Grandad

  3. Wow, it would be so much fun to float around like that in bubbles. I enjoyed reading your book and looking at the fantastic pictures you drew. Did your class get to blow bubbles?
    From Paula (Reuben's Mum)